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Michelle Babette Kout

Michelle "Babette" Kout

As a trauma survivor myself, I believe there are many paths to healing; and as such I utilize an integrative, client centered approach, collaborating with your amazing mind to find the best and most healing path forward. Many clients seek me out for EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Therapy, Expressive Art Therapy or CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for individuals and a combination of Gottman and EFT for couples.

I have had the great honor to have worked for 5 years with veterans (male and female) at a residential Alcohol and Other Drug recovery home, 2 years with psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses at an acute outpatient clinic for clients learning to manage symptoms of Severe Mental Health Disorders, and 2 years working with criminal justice involved or homeless clients at residential Alcohol and Substance Abuse recovery home. Since then, I have worked at a group practice Fusion Care Group with a wide variety of clients, and I have just opened my own practice (Tranquil Soul Therapy) part time.

I work diligently to be a culturally sensitive, identity supportive therapist welcoming POC, LGBTQIA, all religions/spiritual or not as the case may be, different races, ethnicities, and cultures. I firmly believe we are all on our own path, at our own place on our journey and we are all just humans who want to flourish and prosper