Service Learning Partnerships

Partnership Program placing students in high impact service-learning roles at YPA

Program Activities

The Youth Pride Association partners with Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges, and Universities to provide service-learning opportunities for their students. Students will be placed and trained in high-impact service-learning roles at YPA and will help our work in addressing the issues facing LGBTQ students in our schools.

Program Goals

Through YPA's service-learning partnerships, we aim for students to:

  • Learn about the larger issues facing LGBTQ students,

  • Develop leadership skills,

  • Foster volunteerism and long-term community service,

  • Contribute to a more accepting and supportive community for LGBTQ individuals

  • Build professional networks

Program History

September 2021

YPA became a CSU Channel Islands Community Partner. YPA operates as a Co-Educator through the CI Center for Community Engagement's Service-Learning program. In this, YPA mentors CSUCI students about the larger issues facing LGBTQ students and will provide students at CSUCI the opportunity to engage in service through education, leadership development, and meaningful community engagement experiences.

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