Club Q Shooting in Colorado Springs


November 21, 2022

Contact: Cameron Bartosiewicz;

Club Q Shooting in Colorado Springs

Statement from Cameron Bartosiewicz, President of the Youth Pride Association:

“Just before midnight on Saturday, November 19th, Anderson Lee Aldrich opened fire in Club Q, an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, killing at least five people, wounding 19, and leaving countless with lifelong psychological wounds. I am in mourning with all the victims, families, and the broader community.

This heinous act of violence not only affects the victims but will leave a long-lasting impact on our lives and our communities. This was not an isolated incident. Each year, over 64,250 LGBTQ people are victims of hate crimes, with over 90% being violent crimes of assault or murder. And yet only 1330 LGBTQ hate crimes were ever reported to the FBI. 

Even with the disproportionate violence committed against LGBTQ individuals, only 32 states have legislation addressing crimes of hate targeting LGBTQ people. Only 20 of those states have legislation that addresses hate crimes based on gender identity. This needs to change. We must demand better, if not for the LGBTQ youth who bear witness to such violence all too frequently. 

This rampant and disproportionate hate should never be permitted to exist. We must act together to ensure LGBTQ youth are provided a world where they are not brutalized and victimized just by virtue of who they are. We must do better.”

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The Youth Pride Association (YPA) is a national nonprofit organization working to promote and foster the acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) people in educational institutions. YPA works to address the adversities LGBTQ youth face in schools through education, support, and advocacy.

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