Program Space Available

Virtual Support Group Program

A no-cost support group aimed at providing LGBTQ students with a safe space for education and support

Program Activities

LGBTQ Support groups meet virtually every other week for one (1) hour.

Group facilitators will work with participants to ensure that support groups are a safe and supportive environment for everyone to share their experiences being LGBTQ, discuss common adversity they face, and receive support from fellow LGBTQ students.

Currently Available Groups:

Under 18 Group: Alternating Fridays at 4:00 pm PDT (7:00 pm EDT) starting 10/7/2022
18+ Group: Alternating Sundays at TBD starting 10/17/2022

Participants may join an ongoing group, subject to space is availability

Program Services are No-Cost to Participants.

Program Sign Up

Signups are completed through Typeform

Program Requirements

Program participants are required to be:

  • Enrolled in any educational institution (K-12, University, College, Community College, Vocational/Trade School, etc)

  • Must be currently residing in the United States

Program availability is subject to the state participants currently reside.
This program is not, and should not be considered, a substitute for Medical or Mental Health Treatment.

Program Availability by State

The following is a list of program availability by state. If space is available in your state, complete the above signup form.

Space is limited and offered on a first-come basis.

If the program is full, OR no space is available in your state,
please complete the signup form to be added to the waitlist.

Program Availability by State Map

Space Available

Alabama - AL
Alaska - AK
Arizona - AZ

California - CA
Colorado - CO
Connecticut - CT
ida - FL
Georgia - GA

Idaho - ID
Illinois - IL
Indiana - IN
Iowa - IA
Kansas - KS
Kentucky - KY
Maine - ME
Maryland - MD
Massachusetts - MA
Michigan - MI
New Hampshire - NH
New Jersey - NJ
New York - NY
Pennsylvania - PA
Rhode Island - RI

Texas - TX
Vermont - VT
Virginia - VA
Washington - WA
West Virginia - WV

Wisconsin - WI

No Space Available

Arkansas - AR
Delaware - DE
Hawaii - HI
Louisiana - LA

Minnesota - MN
Mississippi - MS
Missouri - MO
Montana - MT
Nebraska - NE
Nevada - NV
New Mexico - NW
North Carolina - NC
North Dakota - ND
Ohio - OH
Oklahoma - OK
Oregon - OR
South Carolina - SC
South Dakota - SD
Tennessee - TN
Wyoming - WY

Program Full


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Last updated: 10/8/2022