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Virtual Peer Support Program

A no-cost peer mentorship program providing LGBTQ students with support.

Program Activities

This program aims to provide Virtual Peer Mentorship to LGBTQ students.

YPA provides students seeking additional support with a Peer Advocate, an LGBTQ individual who is experienced with the unique hardships and adversities LGBTQ students are faced with. Peer Advocates go through rigorous training and certification, in order to best support these students.

Some of the various methods utilized to meet LGBTQ student's individualistic needs include:

Weekly/Biweekly Peer Meetings
Scheduled Check-Ins
Peer Education on LGBTQ topics
Student Safety Plans
Peer Support

Peer Advocates work with students to address their individualistic needs to best provide Support and Education.

Program Services are FREE to participants.

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Program Requirements

Program participants are required to be:

This program should not be considered a substitute for Medical or Mental Health Treatment.
Program sign-up is completed through Typeform.

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Last updated: 2/21/2023