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Acceptance Week Program

A week-long program for high schools, aimed at fostering the acceptance of LGBTQ Students through education and support

Program Activities

The Acceptance Week program works to model a safe and affirming campus climate for LGBTQ students in high schools through Education, Support, and Advocacy. This is done through a variety of methods to address the alarming and substantial adversities LGBTQ students face, flexible the unique needs of each campus climate.

Listed is a sample of some of the methods used in the past:

A balanced, evidence-based speech with a range of topics aimed at educating students on a variety of topics, and making appeals to them on behalf of LGBTQ students. 

A Q&A forum for students, parents, and faculty to ask any questions they may have, and learn about additional resources for further understanding.

Student-led campus events focused on Acceptance, Inclusion, and Reflection. Engaging with the campus culture works to ensure lasting, positive change on campus.

Affirming Visuals such as pride flags, safe space stickers, posters, banners, and other physical visuals.

Collaboration with campus administrators to ensure all students receive adequate support. YPA offers supportive services during program services, to ensure the safety of all students on campus. 

Program Goals

The Youth Pride Association currently operates the High School Acceptance Week Pilot Program aimed at:

Program History

August 2021 

Cameron Bartosiewicz, on behalf of the Youth Pride Association, was awarded the CSU Channel Islands President's Award for Student Innovation for the Acceptance Week Program. This award recognizes a student who has developed and/or implemented an innovative program, learning activity, or service that is unique and provides a significant contribution to student success and increased engagement at CSUCI or the broader community.

February 28th, 2022 to March 4th, 2022 

Youth Pride Association operated the first Acceptance Week Program at Royal High School in Semi Valley, CA. This is the first time a program like this has been operated in a high school and marks a major step towards a safer school environment for all students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.  

During the 2021-2022 academic year, YPA provided programs services to:
2,131  High School Students

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