The State of LGBTQ Rights in America


July 4, 2023

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The State of LGBTQ Rights in America

Statement from Cameron Bartosiewicz, President of the Youth Pride Association:

"On this 4th of July, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the state of LGBTQ equality in our country. With recent actions by SCOTUS in the overturn of Roe V. Wade, we stand at a dire crossroads. While the impact of this recent ruling is far-reaching, this is only the beginning.

Justice Clarence Thomas in his concurring opinion states that the Supreme Court 'should reconsider' its past rulings, naming specifically cases that protect LGBTQ people’s right to same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage. In no uncertain terms, our rights are under attack.

We are reminded that our rights are never a certainty. Equality is a constant fight, and if we ever fall complacent, even just for a moment, the work of decades of activism can all be taken away.

I would be remised if I didn't take a moment to highlight the fears echoed by countless LGBTQ youth from across the country. Will we have to go back into the closet, for fear of persecution? Will we have to go back to a time when being in an LGBTQ relationship meant risking being beaten by cops and thrown into prisons?

It saddens me that this is a reality we might have to face again. As a community, we are all too accustomed to these hardships, stemming from a government that refuses to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination, violence, and hate. Even with our rights in question, we must not fall complacent to the injustices facing LGBTQ communities across the country.

While 2022 has been a year filled with compounding concern for LGBTQ students, with over 330 bills introduced targeting LGBTQ people, it needs to be said that these problems are nothing new. These are problems LGBTQ students have had to face year after year, including:

Over 64,250 LGBTQ people are the victims of hate crimes yearly.

Over 1.2 Million LGBTQ students seriously consider suicide, each year.

In over 29 states, fundamental freedoms for LGBTQ people have remained nonexistent.

While the team at YPA will continue to advocate for the rights and needs of LGBTQ students from across the country, we cannot do this work alone. Whether it be LGBTQ rights, Women’s rights, or the countless other marginalized groups in America, it is our duty to fight these injustices where and when we see them. Together.

Now more than ever, we need your support. Join us in our fight against the inequities and injustices facing LGBTQ students."

About Youth Pride Association

The Youth Pride Association (YPA) is a national nonprofit organization working to promote and foster the acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) people in educational institutions. YPA works to address the adversities LGBTQ youth face in schools through education, support, and advocacy.

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