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Gay, also known as homosexual, refers to the Sexual Orientation of an individual who identifies as male, who is physically, romantically, or emotionally attracted to other people who identify as male. Asexual, transgender, and non-binary individuals may choose to use gay to describe their sexuality, but it does not mean individuals in those groups are automatically gay.


Is it normal to be gay?

Yes! Human sexuality exists on a spectrum, and homosexuality is a completely normal expression of sexuality. A person can not change or influence their sexuality but rather can choose how they label it.

Do I need to have sex to know I am gay?

Absolutely not! A person does not need to have a physical experience with someone to know their sexual orientation, nor does someone need to have dated someone to know their sexual orientation. Straight people do not need to have had a physical experience with the opposite gender in order to know they are straight.

Rainbow Pride Flag

Rainbow Flag

The Rainbow Pride Flag was designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978, and was resigned to its current form in 1979. The flag has come to represent gay men. The flag has also come to represent all individuals of the LGBTQ community and is the most widely used LGBTQ flag.

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