Fundraise as an Individual

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for the Youth Pride Association!

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Our online Peer-to-Peer fundraising page can be incredibly helpful in your fundraising efforts for Youth Pride Association. Every Peer-to-Peer page includes:

  • Customizable personal fundraising page

  • Individual fundraiser goal

  • Custom link for easy online sharing

  • Custom automated thank you emails

  • Option to Upload your own photo and background image

  • Tracking for who is donating

How to set up your fundraising page:

  1. Click the link below and fill out the requested information.
    Alternatively, you can navigate to our
    donation page, and select I want to Fundraise for this

  2. Check your inbox for an email from Donorbox. Complete the instructions to finish setting up your account.

  3. Select the campaign you would like to fundraise for, then select Setup Campaign

  4. Customize your campaign details. Submit when you are ready. You can edit your campaign details anytime here.

  5. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email from Donorbox.

  6. Your fundraiser is now live! Share your campaign page to start fundraising!

Get started fundraising

The Youth Pride Association's online fundraising toolkit

Have questions about maximizing your fundraising potential?
Learn how you can raise more funds to support LGBTQ students in schools.

Fundraising Toolkit Page

Fundraising in memoriam:

We are honored to be the recipient of your gift in memoriam of your loved one. Thank you for this opportunity to help educate, support, and advocate for LGBTQ students in memory of your loved one.

We recommend setting up a fundraising page using the above steps to fundraise in memory of a loved one.

By setting up a fundraising page, you will be able to create a personalized page to honor your loved one, and track who is donating in their honor. If you are thinking about thanking your donors directly, this can be very helpful.

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